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Google Chromecast Gets a Rival in Sony Bravia Smart Stick

by S.Roy on September 18, 2013

Since the launch of Google Chromecast in July, it was expected that Sony would push a similar device. And the Bravia Smart Stick dongle, powered by Android, has made the guesses come true.

The new Sony product works pretty similar to Chromecast and offers access to online content, which include music, games and video streams. The dongle would work with latest HD televisions from Sony and add interactive TV apps as well as other smart-TV features. Besides, it also lets users access Amazon Instant Video, the Chrome browser, YouTube and Netflix programs. Additional applications can be obtained from the Play app store.

The Smart Stick also comes with a remote which includes a touchpad, a microphone for voice-control and more traditional buttons. The device is designed to obliterate the need for a separate cable. It can be directly plugged into a MHL (mobile high-definition link) socket.

The 2-inch dongle, however, is pricier than the Google Chromestick which comes at $35 in the US. The Sony Bravia Smart Stick costs $150. It will be interesting to see whether users opt for a costlier device that offers pretty much the same service. The stick will also have to compete with the Roku Box and Apple TV.

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