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Google Chromekey Will Possibly Be a 35 Dollar HDMI Dongle

by S.Roy on June 25, 2013

Google is reportedly working on bringing out an HDMI stick PC of its own, known as the Chromekey. And it is likely to be quite inexpensive, about $35 – if reports are to be believed. And it is probably going to stand out from Project Ophelia of Dell and other Android sticks that are making headlines in the tech industry.

The Chromekey, in all probability, is going to be shipped with Google’s new baby – the Chrome OS; although Google TV and Android would also be perfect fit for HDMI screens. However, Chrome OS has an edge as Google is going out all the way to promote the platform and shipping Chromekey with the OS would help the tech biggie capture a giant section of the desktop user population.  An economical Chrome OS stick that is also likely to be a decent performer would jell well with schools and institutions where computers are shared. It would also be ideal for homes where computing is mainly restricted to web surfing.

The Google Chromekey, reportedly, will also act as a type of wireless receiver and will work in tandem with Google apps on various present and future devices. For ex, users would be able to queue up a YouTube playlist on their phone and beam it to the Chromekey to vie on full screen.

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