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Google Comes Up With Chrome 14 Beta

by arupchou on August 13, 2011

Google is known to come up with rapid versions of its Chrome Web browser. The Mountain View California based company has now Chrome Picturesreleased Chrome 14 Beta of its browser which brings the browser closer to an operating system. When I saw the post by Chris Rogers in Google Chrome Blog I was pretty excited to see the features offered in it. According to Rogers, the beta channel release brings in several improvements which enable developers to build more powerful apps and games for the web. Along with this, Chrome 14 beta also boasts of several other features.

Features Of Chrome 14 Beta

Chrome 14 Beta features the integration of “Native Client” into Chrome. Integration of native client allows developers to run their C or C++ programs inside Chrome using “Pepper” APIs which gives programmers access to Chrome’s HTML5 features. It is to be noted that Native Client runs software inside two sandboxes for additional protection.

Chrome 14 Beta also embraces several OS X Lion enhancements which include Lion scrollbars and complete support for full screen mode. For Mac users, Chrome 14 will bring print preview and support for Lion features. Another great feature of Chrome 14 beta is Web Audio API. It is a new JavaScript API which offers advanced audio capabilities. Web Audio API supports audio effects which lets web developers to create interactive games. To download Chrome 14 Beta, click here.

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1 Placeholder 08.13.11 at 8:56 am

Isn’t it ironic that Microsoft gets sued for millions for building it’s browser into it’s OS without telling anyone, but twenty years later Google builds an OS around it’s browser and it’s the best thing since sliced bread…?
It’s a wacky world.

2 Junkman 08.19.11 at 5:21 am

The difference is that Microsoft had a virtual (no pun intended) desktop monopoly at the time, and was sued because they were extending their monopoly by eliminating user choice. Google is not even in a market-leading position with their browser technology, and they’re attempting to expand user options by offering Chromebooks in the portable computing space.

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