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Google Comes Up With Stable Release Of Chrome 17

by arupchou on February 10, 2012

Google has released stable version of Chrome 17 on Wednesday which boasts of several features. One of the main features of Chrome 17 is that it pre-renders web site pages when users type in the address bar of the browser which Google calls the “omnibox”. It Google Chromebasically means that Chrome 17 can now determine as to which sites you are likely to visit and will pre-load them for users. Chrome Software Engineeer NoA© Lutz said in a company blog that when users start typing in the omnibox, the URL-auto completes to the site which the user is likely to visit. Chrome pre-renders the pages so that it appears faster, and sometimes even instantly as soon as user hit Enter.

Other Features Of Chrome 17

Apart from the above mentioned features, there are number of security enhancement features in Chrome 17. It includes greater protection from harmful downloads. The security feature includes cross-referencing all executable files with a white-list of secure files. If any file is not there in the white-list, Chrome then uses Google’s search capability to check whether the site from where user is downloading the file has been flagged for hosting malicious content.

Chrome software engineer Niels Provos and product manager Ian Fette noted that only if the page looks adequately doubtful only then Chrome will send the URL of the page back to Google for further analysis and then it will show the warning as an appropriate one. There is safe browsing functionality built into Chrome 17 and if Chrome finds out that if you have a visited a page on the white-list, then it warns users with a large red page which helps you to get back to safety.  Chrome 17 automatically runs checks on .exe and .msi files. As far as Chrome’s future goes, Lutz hinted that the next improvements to Chrome will be targeted towards improving the web browser on Google’s Chromebook computers.

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