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Google Explores New Ways to Help Advertisers Track Users

by S.Roy on September 20, 2013

With the use of third party cookies soon to face extinction, Google is trying to find new ways to help advertisers track users of its fast-growing browser – Google Chrome.

Advertisers track users through data snippets known as cookies. With Mozilla Firefox planning to block third party cookies by default, and other browsers likely to follow suit, many advertising companies could face a tough time in the coming days. But Google, one of the largest advertising companies, is exploring ideas and ways to cope with this development. One of the ways is to tie an anonymous identifier to Chrome and have users tracked by their own browser. The identifier would replace cookies and display ads on the basis of the online behaviour of users.

The plan, if implemented, can take user tracking to an altogether different level. Browsers, unlike cookies, do not rely on third party scripts. Naturally, the profile created through browser tracking can be much more detailed. But the Google plan, published in a USA Today report, fuels speculation as to whether users would like to be tracked by their own browser and ditch Chrome as a result? Or would they welcome the idea with open arms?

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