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Google Extends Lifespan Of Chrome OS Devices By A Year!

by Sagnik Roy on May 19, 2014

Google has recently promised a software support on Chrome OS devices for at least 5 years after their release – which is an extra added year to what they had previously committed. “EOL [end-of-life] dates … will be at least a minimum of 5 years from launch of hardware” – commented Google, on an updated Chrome OS device support site. For example, the HP Chromebook was assured software support till November 2017. This has now been extended by one year and the same will get a support lasting up to November 2018.

Chromebook image

Chrome OS, which has emerged in recent times as a challenger to the Microsoft Windows OS and the Apple iOS, is a browser based operating system. This means that it does not run native apps like Adobe, MS Office etc. But instead runs a number of web-based applications like Google Docs and Gmail.

Chrome OS has its own set of limitations as it is not capable of a wide range of software support like its competitors, but it has its own set of benefits for the users too. These Chromebooks are completely inexpensive and are immune to the horde of Windows viruses and the best part is that Chrome OS is updated every 6 weeks to keeps users up to date. Chrome OS fulfills most of the basic requirements and is gaining popularity in schools, offices and places where the basics are more in demand than the dandy software support.

Extending the lifespan of Chrome OS is sure to attract more users particularly the ones who prefer doing return-on-investment calculations.

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