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Google Launches Five Week Campaign In Indonesia To Promote Chrome

by arupchou on September 14, 2011

In a bid to promote Chrome in Indonesia, Google has launched a five week campaign in the country. However, the company is yet to clarify its Chrome New Logoexpansion plans in Indonesia. It is to be noted that Indonesia is the fourth largest user of internet in Asia behind China, India and Japan. A stronghold in the Indonesian market will help Google to further consolidate its position in the Asian market.

Make Users Realize The Power Of Internet

Henky Prihatna, Indonesia country consultant of Google said that Chrome campaign is intended to make users aware of the power of internet. It is to be noted that earlier too Google has undertaken similar campaigns to popularize Chrome. Chrome is one of the fastest growing browsers in the world and the pace at which it is growing it may soon overtake Mozilla Firefox to become the second most popular browser in the world.

So it is very important for Google to undertake such campaigns and make the browser popular as much as popular. Google has also started to advertise vacancies for Indonesi.  I believe that such campaigns undertaken by Google will further put pressure on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

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1 fahmi 09.22.11 at 6:42 pm

in Indonesia, internet does spread widely in many cities, but it doesn’t cover all of the villages.to make sure google did the campaign succcessfully, Indonesia have to be more aware of spreading internet to unreachable area,if i may assume.so then, they know and realize the power of internet with google chrome.

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