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Google Offering $ 1 Million In Prizes For Hacking Chrome

by arupchou on February 29, 2012

Here is one piece of information which will get hackers really interested. On Monday Google said that it will offer up to $ 1 million in prizes for those who successfully hack its Chrome Web browser. Chris Evans and Justin Schuh belonging to Chrome's security Chrome Imagesteam revealed that those who discover full Chrome exploit using bugs found within the Chrome web browser will get cash prize of $ 60,000 while $ 40,000 will be awarded to those who can partially exploit one Chrome bug along with other OS bugs.

Chrome security team said that their plan was to sponsor as part of this year's Pwn2Own competition but they decided to withdraw their sponsorship when it found that contestants are allowed to enter Pwn2Own without having to divulge full exploits to vendors. It is to be noted that in last year's competition, full exploits were presented to vendors.

Rewards Outside Pwn2Own Competition

Now Google is offering bounties for exploiting browser outside Pwn2Own competition. Apart from offering rewards in full Chrome Exploit and Partial Chrome exploits, Google will also offer $ 20,000 to those who discover exploits which could threaten users in any browsers. The main objective of Google behind offering consolation prizes is the company's mission to make the entire web browser safe and sound.

The company blog says that Google will offer multiple rewards per category up to $ 1 million limit on first cum first serve basis and it requires each set of exploit bugs to be reliable, fully functional end to end and completely new. It means that the bugs should not be heard before or shared with third parties. The winners will also get Chromebook running on the Chrome OS.

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