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Google Patches 13 Security Vulnerabilities In Chrome

by arupchou on February 22, 2012

Google has patched 13 security vulnerabilities for its Chrome browser among with 7 are classified as high risk bugs. If the bugs were not Malware Imagespatched then these vulnerabilities would have allowed someone to take control of a user’s machine thereby leaking personal information. It would have also allowed the malicious party to spread spam or malware.

New Version Of Adobe Flash Player Plug-In

The patch includes a new version of Adobe Flash player plug-in in order to solve security issue. It is to be noted that one of the bugs found in Chrome also affects Firefox web browser and Mozilla has released an update regarding this flaw which would have resulted in browser crash.

The fixes by Google comes just days after its last major patch to Chrome where it patched 20 vulnerabilities and also added a detector in order to scan the downloaded exe files for finding evidence of malware. Of late browsers are becoming target for cyber criminals as most of the users make transactions via web which includes entering personal and financial data.



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