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Google Plays April Fool Joke on Chrome Users

by S.Roy on April 3, 2013

Google played a cool, nay – blue “April Fool” joke on as many as three million of its users who woke up to watch the Blue Gmail video of Google and doubted whether the developers had really lost their aesthetics.

The blue video was actually a prank, the handiwork of developer Shon Dalezman who created a little program – aptly named as the “Gmail Blue” extension that brings to life every detail of the videos.

Picture of Blue Gmail

Picture – Blue Gmail Screenshot

The entire inbox, the mails, the compose button and even the word ‘compose’ was turned into blue as the extension continued its mad work. What really shocked users was the fact how the people in videos were turned into blue-colored entities that made them no different from outer world creatures, as drawn by primary school kids.

This was only a fast CSS hack that the extension used on any instance of Gmail that it could detect. The result was as could be imagined. Chrome users had animated discussions about the change and the possible reason behind the change while Google developers chuckled the day away with full knowledge of the prank that was being played.

You may go to the Chrome web store and install the Gmail Blue extension to check how it looks like with the app. If you find yourself swearing at what you see, you may just visit chrome://extensions/ in your browser settings and uncheck the box titled “Enabled” that is placed next to the extension.

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