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Google to Scan All Chrome Web Store Submissions for Malware

by S.Roy on June 27, 2013

In an announcement late last week, Google has stated that submissions to the Chrome Web Store would henceforth be checked for malware. The in-built scanner would be checking all newly submitted software on an automatic basis.

Google has assured developers not to panic if their software programs are not published immediately. The post on the official Google Plus One page states that the majority of items will be made publicly available within a few minutes of publishing. However, some items can take as long as an hour to be scanned. Unless some major issue is detected, most items would be available for download with a few minutes to an hour after being published.

Picture of Chrome Web Store Logo

Picture – Chrome Web Store Logo

No information about the type of the scan have been shared. Users have speculated that the scanner could only be a static analysis engine although there has not been any official word from Google.

Since the launch of Chrome, Google has taken security issues of its browser very seriously and this has been proved in its constant attempts at improvement. The malware attacks are a cause of growing concern for the tech biggie as it has found itself overtaken by old rival Internet Explorer by Microsoft in a recent browser comparison for protection against malware. Chrome scored 83.16% in the results while IE scored a whopping 99.6%.

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