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Google Updates Chrome Browser to Version 25

by S.Roy on February 22, 2013

The Chrome browser has been updated and is now in its latest version 25.0.1364.87 which is a stable one. Users can run the lightweight version safely on their system. The update is for all devices running the Chrome browser.

For Samsung Chromebooks, however, version 25 is available as a Beta Channel candidate. This means the version is still being tested for compatibility with these Samsung devices. Systems that are running the previous versions of the browser would automatically be updated to the latest one, according to a post on the Google Chrome Releases blog by Danielle Drew who is a member of the Chrome team.

Picture of Google Chrome Browser Version 25

Picture – Google Chrome Browser Version 25 Screenshot

The latest version comes with improved features like voice recognition support, ability to retain or disable extensions, search box in New Tab page, enhanced speed and more. It goes without saying that the version comes with fixes for all the bugs and security holes in the previous editions of the browser.

You can update your Chrome browser to version 25 by using the updater in your present version or manually download it from the official link.

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