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IE and Chrome Tops NSS List of Malware-Safe Browsers

by S.Roy on June 26, 2013

In a research conducted by NSS Labs, Google Chrome and Internet Explorers have been found to be the browsers that offer the most protection to users from malware attacks.

NSS, which proclaims itself to be “the world's leading information security research and advisory company,” recently made public the results of its research Browser Security Comparative Analysis: Socially Engineered Malware. In a four-week period, from March 13-April 9, the firm tested 5 most popular browsers against 754 samples of malicious programs. The browsers tested were:

  • Apple Safari 5
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Google Chrome 25/26
  • Opera 12
  • Mozilla Firefox 19

Picture of NSS 2013 Test Results for Safest Browsers

Picture – NSS 2013 Test Results for Safest Browsers

The chart indicates the results of the browsers. The bars show the individual ability of the browsers in blocking malicious programs. IE and Chrome topped the results with IE blocking around 99.96% of all incoming malware and Chrome managing to hold up against 83.16%. Safari gained the third spot and Firefox and Opera the fourth and fifth spots respectively with the last one offering almost no protection at a mere 1.87%.

The results display vast security differences and should be a wake-up call for other browsers, including the last three scorers in the NSS research, to take up security issues seriously and improve on the safety front.

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