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iOS gets its Chromecast App from Google

by S.Roy on August 28, 2013

The official Ch

romecast app for iOS has been released by Google, which allows Apple phones to control the HDMI application officially. The app lets Apple users perform diverse functions like managing Chromecast settings for changing passwords, names and settings of the device. The app also allows users to set up Chromecast through an iOS device. Users may also stream content from iOS apps, which include Netflix and YouTube.

Released a month back, Chromecast offers functionalities similar to Apple TV and AirPlay. It lets users stream content from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Following the release of Chromecast, Apple reduced the price of its new Apple TVs to $74. It has also offered a discount of $24 on its intended $99 price.

Users of iOS devices can download the Chromecast app of Google for free from the App store. Here is the official link that you may download it from.

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