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Native Client Arrives With Chrome 14

by arupchou on September 17, 2011

Google today refreshed the stable version of Chrome upgrading it to version 14. Several security issues have been fixed in Chrome Chrome New Logo14, but what makes Chrome 14 interesting is the addition of native client (NaCl). Google last promoted Chrome’s stable build earlier in August and it produces updates in every six weeks. As per StatCounter data, market share of Chrome 14 was 0.42% just before its launch. It is however, expected that within a week it will touch 21%. It has patched 34 security issues and has paid out bounties worth $ 14,337 to those reporting the bugs. None of the bugs fixed were rated “critical.”

Features In Chrome 14

Chrome 14 boasts of several features such as support for web audio API. However, support for NaCl remains the biggest feature of Chrome 14 which provides developers an interface through which they can run their C and C++ apps inside the browser. What makes this feature enticing is the fact that NaCl apps on the web can run on any version of Chrome on Windows, Linux or MacOSX without requiring any modifications. One just needs to maintain a single version of their application.

However, as of now NaCl works only for apps in the Chrome Web Store. Google plans to remove this limitation very soon and expand NaCl so that it powers the entire browser. Through web audio API developers can come up with advanced audio effects. Users can upgrade their version to Chrome 14 by clicking on the wrench icon and clicking the option, “About Google Chrome”.

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Native Client Apps In Chrome Web Store - Chrome Plugins
09.21.11 at 1:36 am

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1 James Reynolds 09.28.11 at 12:01 am

so where do I get the updates?

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