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New Chromebooks to Arrive From Different Makers

by S.Roy on September 12, 2013

Google has announced new Chromebooks to arrive soon into the market from different hardware manufacturers. The announcement was made at the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF), where new Chromebooks with Haswell (4th generation of Intel processors) were also announced.

A new line of Chromebooks will soon be hitting the marqee from veterans Acer and HP, as well as new entrants into the Chrome OS segment – Toshiba and Acer. With Haswell processors, the upcoming Chromebooks are meant to boast of all day battery life.

The new Chromebooks are likely to arrive within the next few months and would vary in size, from light portable devices to bigger 14-inch ones (as from HP). They will be named as per their makers, such as Acer ones would be known as Acer Chromebooks, those from Toshiba as Toshiba Chromebooks and so on.

In the 5th anniversary of the Chrome browser, Google is possibly hoping for a similar success for its Chromebook laptops which were initially as dismissed as the browser. If that turns out to be true, it will be a double victory for the search engine bigshot.

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