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New Google Chrome for Campaign Becomes Top Viral Video

by S.Roy on June 8, 2013

Google seems to have scored another victory, with its new Chrome campaign hitting the bull’s eye. The “Chrome for” campaign got 3.5 million viewers last week and beat other tech giants including Samsung, which this week received some press.

The campaign comprises of dozens of various spots that are mostly 16 seconds long. That is much shorter than the 30 second TV ads and of course, perfect fit for web commercials. That Google has its own video platform, YouTube, on its side makes the promotion much easier for the search engine giant. That said, it needs creative campaigns to make an effective point and this is where Google seems to have struck the right notes.

The earlier Google campaign for the Chrome browser that was released in March was the most-viewed video campaign in the last week of that month. According to Visible Measures, it got as many as 7.7 million views.

In the campaign to drive Chrome installs, Google seems to be going the whole way. This is understandable, given that third-party cookies are the soul of the display-ad business of Google and the fact that Mozilla and Microsoft pay much importance to cookies. Google is using all its power to drive Chrome installs and even prompting Gmail users to shift to a modern browser while they are checking their inbox with Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

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