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New Line of Chromebooks to Run on 4th Generation Intel Chips

by S.Roy on September 11, 2013

Processor-giant Intel is expected to unveil a new line of Chromebooks, or Chrome notebooks running the Chrome OS, at the Intel Developer Forum this week. The highlight? The notebooks are set to come powered with Haswell, the 4th generation of Intel processors.

Until now, Chromebooks have used previous Intel chip versions or ARM chips. The Haswell processors are more powerful and at the same time, more energy-efficient for portable devices like notebooks and tablets. This is supposed to be great news for Chromebook users and the marriage between Intel power and Chrome features could be interesting to check out. The Haswell chips are now available widely and used in PCs of various computer brands.

The price of Chromebooks range from $199 to $1299 and fit the choice for users of varying budgets. It is difficult to predict the cost of the new Haswell-powered Chromebooks, which is likely to depend on the remaining hardware of the notebooks.

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