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New Tab Page for Chrome Comes with Search Bar Front and Center

by S.Roy on September 25, 2013

Google has announced that it is bringing out a New Tab page, featuring a search bar front and centre, for the Chrome browser. Users would also be able to access current Google Doodles without having to navigate to the Google home page first.

Users must have Google as the default search engine in their Chrome browser in order to be able to access the new page. When the tweak was first disclosed, Google mentioned that the change was being done for speed although users can directly search from the omnibox of the browser.

Here is how the changed New Tab page is supposed to look:

Picture of Tweaked New Tab Page in Chrome Browser

Picture – Tweaked New Tab Page in Chrome Browser

It was back in December 2012 that Google first began to experiment with a search box in the New Tab page of Chrome. As is the case with most launches by Google, the tweaks are slowly surfacing. So, users have to wait awhile before they get to see the tweaked New Tab page in Chrome.


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1 picrap 10.04.13 at 2:30 pm

And how to remove this new page (and get back to the original one)?

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