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NewBookmark Manager Activated In Chrome;Native Client Allowed In Chrome Web Store

by arupchou on August 23, 2011

Chrome and Chrome Web Store are seeing certain changes. A new bookmark page as a part of the new tab page has been activated by New BookmarkGoogle. The new bookmarks page adds itself to the present “Most Visited and Apps Page”. It is believed that over a time period the new bookmark manager will be replacing the existing bookmark editor, even though at present it is good for viewing, navigating and selecting bookmarks.

NACL Based Apps Allowed In Chrome Web App Store

Another change in Chrome scenario which has taken place is that now NACL based apps are allowed in Chrome Web App Store beta channel. When Chrome 14 will be released in a stable Channel then these apps will be moved into Chrome Web App Store and can be accessed by Chrome users all across the globe.

It is to be noted that with integration of “Native Client” into Chrome, developers will be able to run C or C++ programs inside Chrome with the help of “Pepper” APIs. Native Client with the help of Pepper library lines with the HTML and runs in a two layer sandbox for safety. Native client sandbox resides inside the sandbox of Chrome, thereby stopping access to the underlying OS API. At present Pepper just supports audio, URL, 2D graphics etc.

It is believed that in future it will also support hardware accelerated 3D graphics, web sockets etc. When I viewed the details closely, I found that the change will be the implementation of an operating system within the browser which of course is running within the native OS.

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