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Offline Reading Now Available With Google Books In Chrome

by arupchou on December 22, 2011

Google Books, which allows you to read books on the web have been made further enticing by Google, which has announced offline support for Google Books for users using Chrome or Chrome OS. This means that you can read books even if you are not connected to the internet. This feature makes Google Books a lot more usable and handful to users who have Chromebooks.

In a blog post, Xinxing Gu, Product manager of Google Books says that many a time it may happen that because of slow internet connection, users are unable to read eBook and fail to know what a character does. Now with the offline support of Google Books in Google Chrome, users no longer have to worry about slow internet connection affecting their reading.

Reading eBooks Offline

In order to read eBooks, first of all you need to download and install Google Books from the Chrome Web Store. After you have installed the application, Google Books application icon appears near the address bar and you need to click on this icon.

Google Books Images

Before you can read ebooks offline, you need to download ebooks when you are online. In order to do it, open the application while you are online to get to your ebooks. Download the book you want to read and then check “Make available offline” in the pop-up menu. Once you select this, Google Books application will stand downloading the book in the background and when the download is completed, you can read the book anytime you want. A grey text, “Available offline” will be found under the cover of the book.

Download Google Books

So download the application and enjoy reading whether you are online or offline.

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