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Print Outside Chrome with new Google Cloud Printer

by S.Roy on July 27, 2013

Google has released the new Cloud printer, and Windows users are having a ball. The new service lets Windows device owners print documents from any location and from any application, such as Adobe Reader, as posted in the official Chrome blog by Andrew Warren.

Another tool, the Google Cloud Print Service, lets administrators of Windows devices to easily connect already existing printers in schools and business organizations to Google Cloud Print.

Andrew Warren, product manager for Google, stated that those working in public spaces (such as schools) and various offices can share a printer with any user in the proximity only by pushing a link. He added that Google aims to make Cloud printing simpler and easier, and possible from as many devices as can be.

The Google Cloud Print connects all Google apps that can work with a Cloud printer across desktops, mobiles, or the Web.

Android tablet and smartphone users can download the Cloud Print app available in Google Play and make printing files and documents easier on the go.

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