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StatCounter Data Indicates Chrome’s Share To Surpass 23% In August

by arupchou on August 19, 2011

If ever a success story of browser is written, then Chrome surly will have a special place. The popularity of Chrome has increased Browser Market Sharemagnificently over the years and according to data provided by StatCounter, there are indications that Chrome’s market share in August will surpass 23%. The data also indicate that while Chrome will be recording growth for 31st consecutive month, Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox will lose share.

Based on the everyday market share given by StatCounter, there are indications that Chrome will gain nearly 1.5 market share point in the month of August. If it happens then Chrome will grow from 22.13% in July to 23.6% in August. Market share of Firefox is expected to fall by about 0.4 points while Internet Explorer is expected to lose 1 point.

Strong Growth During Weekends

In my opinion, Google’s initiative to equip Chrome with innovative features in subsequent versions has propelled its popularity. Moreover, the adaptation of the browser in various regions of the world particularly in Asia, Europe and South America has provided impetus to its market share. It is to be noted that while the browser has gained over 1 point in the first half of August in Asia, it has gained 0.8 points and o.72 points in South America and in Europe.

But North America and Oceania still remains the market for Chrome to capture. In these markets share of the browser stands at 18.58% and 18.51% respectively. If Chrome continues to grow at this pace, then in all probability by November this year, it will catch up with Mozilla Firefox.

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1 Hassan 08.28.11 at 9:34 am

Though i LOVE chrome i need FireFox for certain activities thus i cant Uninstall it 🙂

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