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Study Finds Chrome The Most Safe Among Top Three Web Browsers

by arupchou on December 10, 2011

A study by security firm Accuvant has found to be most secure web browser among the top three browsers. The news has come at an important time for Chrome considering the fact that last week Chrome surpassed Mozilla Firefox to grab the second spot as the second Chromemost popular web browser. In the study, the firm says that both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer use state-of-the art exploitation technologies. The study also says Firefox lags behind in security without JIT hardening.

Comprehensive Security Of Chrome

The security firm also found that the Chrome’s plug-in security and sandboxing architectures are implemented in a more comprehensive manner which makes the browser very much secured against attack. While many security firms focus on parameters such as URL backlists and vulnerability report, Accuvant banks upon anti-exploitation techniques to judge browser security.

In terms of security, Internet Explorer came into the second spot because of its drawbacks in implementation of JIT hardening and sandboxing. Firefox came at the three spot because of its lack of implementation of the above features. The study also found that that Chrome was the most frequently updated among the three browsers and it patched bugs faster than Explorer and Firefox. The study found that while Chrome just took 53 days to patch vulnerabilities, Firefox and Explorer took 158 and 214 days. In coming days we believe that Chrome will further improve its security features and further enrich user’s experience.

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1 elfsn 12.23.11 at 3:14 am

LoL, Can I call it an non-justice competition?
Since the report is commissioned by Google, they will test from the aspects which are good for chrome.
I insist IE is the most secure browser. That why I’d rather use IE or IE based browsers likE Avant browser and Maxthon.

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