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Sub-Categories Added In Chrome Web Store

by arupchou on February 16, 2012

The Chrome Web Store hosts a number of applications which makes browsing on Chrome a delight. However, there were some issues with the Web Store. Up until now, when users opened the store they were shown a list of recommended apps and extensions on the home page. Users were also given options to change the listing to popular items. There were no sorting options for apps and extensions by release date, update day etc. This made it pretty hard to find new and exciting extensions and applications in the store. Another issue was the fact that because of this, developers and firms could add their applications to two different categories and hence users found duplicate listings in the store.

Change In Chrome Web Store

However, Google has today announced a change in the Chrome Web Store and some of the changes it bringing is for better. The store now lists apps in the primary category and it ignores the secondary listing which reduces the number of dupes to a great extent. Google has now added sub-categories to all the main apps sections in the store. For example if we select Business Tools category then one can find sub-categories such as Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Analytics, Sales & CRM etc. This you can see in the screenshot below. In the new look, users will not find the Shopping category as it has been moved to become a subcategory of the Lifestyle category.

New Look Of Chrome Web Store

With the changes in the store, Google now believes that the same will help users to easily discover applications in the store. Google also plans to introduce new sub-categories once it gets adequate apps to fill the store. However, extensions are yet to receive such treatment and they are still together in 12 categories without any sorting options. We personally feel that Google needs to add filtering and sorting options for extensions too.

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