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Touchscreen Drag and Drop Support Added to Chrome OS Beta

by S.Roy on September 14, 2013

Chrome OS continues to get more and more touchscreen features. Google has recently updated the Chrome OS beta channel and powered it with touch-enabled drag and drop as well as text-selection capabilities.

Users are likely to recall how Chrome evangelist Francois Beaufort demonstrated drag and drop feature on a Chromebook Pixel in a YouTube video that he shared two weeks ago. If you have a touchscreen Chromebook Pixel and you are on the beta channel, you can use this feature.

Until now, touchscreen capabilities on Chrome OS devices have mostly been restricted to opening links, panning images, tapping through menus and scrolling around web pages. There are certain touchscren gestures, such as Pinch-to-Zoom that Pixel users can manually switch on.

Reportedly, Google is collaborating with hardware manufacturers to bring more touchscreen Chromebooks to market later this year. So expect the touchscreen features in Chrome to keep getting better and better.

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