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Updated Google Logo Spotted in Chrome for Android Beta, Removed Fast

by S.Roy on September 10, 2013

The Google Chrome for Android Beta has recently been spotted with a new logo, which hints at a further attempt at modernizing the brand on the 5th year of the Chrome browser. The logo bears a slight change and not a completely redesigned one, unlike what Yahoo has done.

According to inside sources, the new logo – which sports a flatter design with moderately desaturated colors – is not yet being seen as a replacement for the existing official one.

Picture of Google Logo - Old and New

Picure – Google Logo: Old and New

It is only being used in cases where the beveled logo may not be displayed properly. However, the logo has been quickly removed as Google might have sensed a whiff of controversy and shied away from any bitter discussions about its designs. Particularly at a time when Chrome has silenced all naysayers with a glorious 5 year run, and counting.

So the much-loved Google logo (which has been in existence since 2010) is unlikely to go away any time soon, and users can breathe easy. But the updated logo, albeit briefly existent, signals a growing attempt of the search engine giant to modernize its brand. It could just be briefly testing the waters before thinking of a new design.

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