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Windows Test Drive for Google Chrome OS

by S.Roy on February 11, 2013

For those of you thinking of getting a Chromebook but not sure how it works, here is a piece of news. You can now test the functionality of Chrome OS in your Windows system. That is as good as it gets!
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The Chromebook, as you probably know, is run by the Chrome OS from Google Inc. To get it running on your Windows OS-enabled system, you need the latest version of Google Chrome Canary, an advanced version of the Google Chrome browser. The browser can run on all modern Windows versions, XP to 8, as well as Mac OS X. Once you have set the browser up, just hit the settings button and select the Open Ash desktop or take the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-A. This will open up the browser window.

Chrome Canary Browser Pictutre

Picture – Google Chrome Canary Screenshot

You will come across shortcuts for various apps that launch services like Google Search, YouTube or Gmail. The services open in windows that can be resized or moved around. The windows look similar to Google Chrome tabs; however, you can individually close or maximize buttons for each window.

While Canary does not give a full view of the functionalities of the Chrome OS, it surely gives you a glimpse of what the operating system has on offer.


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1 Kos 02.19.13 at 3:30 am

Version 27.0.1416.0 canary seems to be the latest and I cannot find this option, even in chrome:flags.

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