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Chrome’s New Version To Re-Enable Multi-Touch Gestures In Lion

by arupchou on July 29, 2011

Search engine giant Google has come up with a new developer version of Chrome to re-enable multi-touch gesture which changed in Chrome New LogoLion, which is the new version of Mac OS X.  Google came up with Chrome 14.0.835.0 for Mac which alters the forward and backward navigation for two finger swipe motion on Apple’s devices. It is to be noted that earlier Chrome supported three-fingered swipe to either right or left on Mac’s trackpad to move forward or backward via previously viewed pages.

Version In Dev Channel

Chrome 14.0.835.0 is still in the dev version. Just like Mozilla, Google allows users to choose the versions – dev, beta or stable, they wish to run.  However, there is still some time before the stable version of Chrome 14 is released.

There are several other features in the new version. It supports for a new communication procedure for web sockets along with the support for multiple user profile. One must note that multiple profile support was a feature in Chrome which was pulled by Google for development.

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1 Dely Macedo 07.29.11 at 5:17 am


2 Saif Hassan (saiftheboss7) 07.29.11 at 9:56 pm

I hope Chrome’s Lion Version Will Support Full Screen.

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