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Chrome OS Beta Update Features File Explorer And VPN Feature

by arupchou on May 5, 2011

A recent update of Chrome OS beta suggests that Google will keep one of the most fundamental feature for any operating system, i.e proper Chrome OSmanagement of file. When Google came up with Cr-48 notebook, there were discussions that the search engine giant might omit it, but the update of the Chrome OS beta has changed the perception. Chrome OS now has a file explorer, which though is nascent as compared to Windows 7, still it brings a lot to the OS.

Features Of The New File Explorer

The new file explorer boasts of several features. With the help of it users can view as well edit files stored in local storage or external storage device. It also allows users to easily select the files which they need to upload. Not only has the search engine giant rolled out file explorer in the Chrome OS update, but it has also rolled out VPN support.

With VPN support, users will be able to share files which are stored on local networks. This feature will highly please enterprise users who are eagerly waiting for the rollout of the Chrome operating system.

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