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Chrome OS Beta Updated To R11

by arupchou on April 5, 2011

Search engine giant Google has updated the beta channel of its cloud based operating system Chrome. The R11 of Chrome OS beta Chrome New Logobears version number and includes the 11.0.696.34 Chrome  browser version. The new Chrome OS update equips several features and fixes.

Features In Chrome OS Beta Update

In a bid to perk up the stability and security of the Flash software, the new Chrome OS uses Pepper/PPAPI to run Flash. Wi-Fi fixes, new window switcher user interface (UI) and support for 3G GSM are some of the other changes in the new OS.

The Chrome OS beta update has come at a critical juncture considering the fact that the share of Chrome browser has increased to touch 11.5% in March. At the same time there have been reports that Chrome OS equipped notebooks will be shipped during the second quarter of 2011.

In the update, the Chrome browser also has certain bugs fixed. Chrome OS is expected to soon hit the market and it will be interesting to note the response it gets from users. Microsoft has been the undisputed leader in the OS segment and with the launch of Chrome; the landscape is expected to undergo certain change.

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