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Chrome OS Devices To Be Launched During I/O Conference

by arupchou on May 6, 2011

It seems that the much awaited launch of Chrome OS devices is soon going to be over. Speculations are thick and fast that the launch of Chrome Chrome OS DeviceOS devices will take place at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco next week. Notably in a recent Chrome OS update , search engine giant Google has addressed some of the key issues of the OS such as file manager and VPN feature. At present Cr-48, the notebook launched by Google  during Chrome OS event now only contains Chrome OS (Beta).

Samsung To Launch Chrome OS Devices

Speculations are there that Samsung will launch Chrome OS devices during the I/O conference. It is to be noted that Samsung has been announced as one of the hardware partners when Chrome OS devices will go on sale. Samsung has even given an invitation to journalists to attend an event when the I/O conference ends on May 11.

However, there are also reports that the number of actual devices during the I/O conference will be pretty limited which suggests that the devices will not be going on sales immediately. Earlier there were reports that mass shipments of the Chrome OS devices will take place during the second quarter of 2011.

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