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Chrome OS Might Be Launched In May

by arupchou on April 21, 2011

While search engine giant Google has been working on Chrome operating system for netbook, it seems that the OS will be launched Chrome OS Devicessometimes in May. With the launch of a stable developer channel for Chrome OS expectations are high that the Chrome OS will be announced in May during Google I/O conference. Google announced about its cloud based operating system a couple of years ago which it said would be targeted towards netbooks whose market was on a high at that point of time. Though the market of netbooks has declined since the arrival of ipad, Google had said that the machines equipped with the Chrome OS will be hitting the markets sometimes in mid-2011.

Surviving Tough Competition From iPad

One of the major challenges for Chrome OS devices will be coming from Apple’s iPad. iPad have revolutionized the tablet market and in such a scenario, Chrome OS devices will be facing direct competition from iPad. In order to test its Chrome OS, Google distributed Cr-48 notebook among several users. One of the survival strategies for Chrome OS equipped devices could be the pricing. If prices of Chrome OS equipped notebooks are kept low, then it will surly play a vital role in enhancing the popularity of the Chrome OS devices.

It is rumored that Asus will be coming out with a Chrome netbook price a little below $ 250. This netbook will be targeted towards users who want to enjoy basic apps or browse the web. Moreover the pricing of the device which is almost half that of the ipad is a luring factor too. So the coming days in the tech world is going to be extremely interesting as well as exciting.

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1 bollo57 04.22.11 at 3:20 am

ho sentito che saranno favoriti i clienti gmail nella distribuzione del netbook e che si dara’ modo agli acquirenti di averlo a rate pagabili direttamente a google, inoltre che sara’ aggiornato anche nell hardware man mano che ce ne sara bisogno .. e’ tutto vero questo che ho sentito?

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