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Chrome OS Powered Devices To Give New Shape To Cloud

by arupchou on June 13, 2011

After several years of development Chrome OS based computers are slated to hit the markets. While Acer and Samsung will launch ChromebooksChrome OS based notebooks on July 15, Kogan has already released Chrome OS based notebooks. Well, the Chrome OS based notebooks take the concept of cloud computing to the very next level. Chrome OS based notebooks is just equipped with Google Chrome along with its several online applications.

Features Of Chrome OS Notebooks

Kogan’s Chromium notebooks will be sold in the United Kingdom at £269 in the United Kingdom and at $ 349 in Australia. Kogan’s netbooks are based on Agora hardware along with SSD drive and the machine boots up in mere 4.5 seconds. The web-friendly notebooks does not integrate any desktop or in-built apps or programs. It allows users to do most of the things which are cloud based such Google Docs.

The greatest feature of Chrome OS notebooks is that since most of the apps or works will be carried out on the web, one does not require worrying about the safety and security of their work. Users do not need to install an external hardware to store their work. Automatic updates are another great feature of the notebooks. Chrome OS based notebooks take automatic updates and hence users do not have to worry regarding updates of their machines. So it is pretty evident that Chromebooks will take cloud computing to the very next level and the same time give a new shape to the cloud concept.

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