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Chrome OS Vs Traditional OS: Interesting Battle On The Cards

by arupchou on May 17, 2011

With Google launching its ambitious Chrome OS with launch of Acer and Samsung’s notebooks, this can very well change the way Chrome OSconsumers interact with their operating system. At present, the OS market is dominated by Microsoft and Google which has challenged Microsoft on every front, is set to challenge it in the OS segment too with Chrome. Since Chrome is a web based application, hence all the work will be managed on cloud and users will no longer have to worry about maintain a back up of their files.

Smart Business Strategy By Google

With Google planning to offer Chrome OS notebooks under subscription based package of $ 20 per month, the same may find favors among users who shell out $ 500 or even more for a mid-range notebook. The subscription based service also comprises of hardware and online services. It will be highly useful for business enterprises who have to spent a lot in purchasing and maintain desktop PCs.

With Google saying that it will be rolling out updates to the OS in every 6 weeks to enhance the performance of the OS, users will no longer have to wait for years for arrival of new model of operating system. However, once the product is launched in the market then only one can really know the strength and the weaknesses of the OS. At present, the hype surrounding Chrome is sure to give Microsoft some jittery moments.


1 Ellie 05.25.11 at 12:17 pm

Posts like this brhgtien up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

2 ckbsdx 05.26.11 at 5:43 am

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