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Google Announces Chrome version 36

by Sagnik Roy on May 23, 2014

Google is on a roll, and within two days of releasing a very stable Chrome version 35, the web giants have already announced the next update. Chrome 36 Beta for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems will update features for specifically developers, app builders and web builders.

Along with that, it has also been confirmed that the new update will revamp the Chrome app launcher for Linux with smaller font size and smarter positioning. For the developers, the main highlight will be the addition of HTML imports, element.animate() and Object.observe(). The update will also feature an improved throttled async touchmove model.

The element.animate() function is the first of Web Animations JavaScript API to be included in Google Chrome. It basically helps developers create simple CSS animations using JavaScript. This means the dynamically generated animations will not only provide guaranteed end events, but will also cut off the need for CSS style recalculation cost.

HTML Imports is a part of Web Components which offer a way to use link import tag to include HTML document in other HTML documents. HTML Import can contain CSS, JavaScript, HTML or anything else that an .html file can include, thus providing a convention for bundling Web content files into a package. Object.observe() can be used by developers to observe any kind of changes in JavaScript objects. Callback defining allows observing multiple objects and also to receive all changes occurred to any objects in a single asynchronous call.

There are also a few specific updates for the Chrome 36 as stated by Google:

  • Chrome will have improved compatibility with other browsers by ceasing touch cancel on touch scroll and will also add touch effects to the user interface.
  • CSS properties like scrollTop and offsetHeight will be able to return fractional values in browser-zoom situations.
  • The Web Font compression format (WOFF 2.0) will have an average gain of minimum 30% over WOFF 1.0.
  • DevTools will support touch with mouse to enable test touch interactions for Chrome in Android.
  • Elements to be transformed in 2-D or 3-D space will be allowed to enable rich web content by unprefixed CSS Transforms.

Overall, the recent updates as well as the future updates that Google is planning seem to be quite promising for web and app developers. Google Chrome 36 is expected to launch in June.

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1 Nick 06.26.14 at 10:02 am

Would be nice if Goggle just fixed the current Chrome so that is not so slow and memory hungry under Windows. I am considering going back to IE

2 windows screen recorder 03.16.18 at 6:37 am

It would be so useful here to know about the screen recorder.

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