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Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook – Review

by arupchou on December 22, 2010

As we had mentioned in our preview of Google Cr-48, the notebook boasts of several features. But using it is actually something else; as we found recently when we sat down to review this notebook.

With Google planning to take cloud computing to the very next level with its Chrome OS, to test the OS, it has started shipping Cr-48 notebook equipped with the OS. Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook has aroused interest among computer geeks all over the world with several itching to get a hand into the machine. Check out the Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook review to get an insight into the machine.

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook Review

The Cr-48 Notebook is the first of its kind fabricated by Google for its pilot program. Cr-48 Notebook aims to give users utmost satisfaction to enjoy cloud based operations thereby enhancing their web experience. Continue reading to know the minute details of the notebook, which may very well change the way one looks to surf the web and carry out various tasks.

Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Design and Display

The Chrome Cr-48 Notebook comes with 12.1 inch LCD display screen which is capable of displaying pictures of resolution measuring 1280×800 pixels. The notebook is quite thin and compact measuring 11.8(w)x 8.6 (d)x0.9 (h) inches and weighing 3.8 pounds. Google has left out function key, caps lock key, lap burns and spinning disks. The touch pad is large which combines mouse click. The VGA port is located on the left side while the headphone, USB and power buttons are located on the right side.

Cr-48 Notebook Hardware

Google Chrome Cr-48 Notebook ImageWhat makes this notebook strikingly different from other notebooks is the number of hardware its posses. As compared to other notebooks available in the market hardware in the notebook are quite less in number. The notebook takes about 11 seconds to boot and resumes instantly from sleep. The notebook is powered by a 1.66 GHz, single core Atom Processor and overall the quality of the hardware is reasonably alright, if not spectacular.

Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Tech Specs

Cr-48 Notebook Technical Specs Image

The given below technical specification will help you to gauge about the performance of the notebook.


• Processor Manufacturer: Intel
• Processor Speed: 1.66 GHz
• CPU Family: Atom
• CPU Model: N455
• Cache Size: 32 KB L1 cache, 512 KB L2 cache
• Number of Cores: Single-Core


• RAM: 2 GB
• RAM bus/speed: DDR3(1333)
• RAM Slots: 0
• HD: 16 GB (total) with SSD Integrated


• Screen Size: 12.1 inches
• Screen Resolution: 1280×800 pixels
• Screen Type: LCD
• Screen Surface: Matte/anti-glare


• USB: 2.0 (1 port)
• Bluetooth: 2.1 +EDR

Size and Weight

• Dimension: 11.8×8.6×0.9 inches
• Weight: 3.8 pounds


• Keyboard: 74
• Pointing Device: Multi-touch track-pad

Video Specs

• Graphics: Integrated Intel (GMA)
• GPU Model: PineView
• Video Output: VGA


• Speakers: Stereo
• Audio Output: 3.55 mm
• Built-in Microphone: Yes


• Type: Notebook
• Memory Card Reader: Yes
• Memory Card Support: SD

Cr-48 Notebook Connectivity

The notebook provides a couple of connectivity options namely Wi-Fi and 3G. If you are somewhere which offers access to Wi-Fi, then you can easily connect to the net via Wi-Fi network. If not, then the option to get connected to the internet is 3G. Google has tied up with Verizon Wireless to present 3G connectivity and the notebook includes 100 MB of free data every month for a period of 2 years. Connectivity is also enhanced by Bluetooth 2.1 support.

Chrome Cr-48 OS Notebook Security

Security for any notebook is of prime concern, since there are several malicious websites which infects your machine as soon as you visit them. Google has taken every care that Chrome OS and notebooks equipped with the OS remains safe and sound from malware attacks and have integrated several security features in the Cr-48 notebook. Some of the security measures of the notebook are


When you visit any web page in the notebook the same runs in an environment called “sandbox” which does not affect other application on your machine even if you happen to visit a tainted webpage.

Verified Boot

This is another impressive security feature in the notebook. Every time you boot the notebook, it does a self check known as Verified Boot. If found that the system has been corrupted then it automatically corrects it.

Data Encryption

All the data in the notebook is encrypted using tamper resistant hardware, thereby making it difficult for other person to access those files.

We found the security system to be quite robust and impressive and this might well turn out to be one of the major USPs of the notebook when it is available for general use.

Chrome Cr-48 OS Notebook Web Browsing and Performance

Cr-48 Video ImageWeb browsing in the notebook is fairly decent but sometimes it becomes slightly sluggish. This is more to do with the processor installed in Cr-48. Video performance of the notebook is also not been exciting and for videos which require flash, the performance dips down to a great extent. However, Adobe is working with Google to rectify the problem and we expect that it will soon be sorted out. Scrolling is also a little jerky. If you are planning to watch HD videos, then drop this plan at least for some time now.

Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Updates

The notebook updates itself with the latest features every time it is turned on. So you need not to worry about installing the latest updates in your machine.

Cr-48 Notebook Applications

Chrome Cr-48 Application PictureGoogle has just launched Chrome Web Store from where users can download several apps as per their needs. There are some pre installed apps such as YouTube, GTalk, Gmail etc.

Chrome OS Cr-48 Notebook Battery

The notebook derives its power from a Li-ion (63 Wh capacity) battery whose runtime is approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Cr-48 Notebook Price and Verdict

Since the notebook is yet to be made available for general public, it is very difficult to predict the price of the notebook. At the same time pricing will depend on the OEMs who will bundle out the notebooks sometimes in 2011.

At this point of time memory remains the major disadvantage of the notebook. 16GB SSD memory storage is hardly appealing and Google must work to increase storage capacity of the notebook. At the same time the problem regarding watching high quality videos also needs to be sorted out.

Cr-48 Notebook can bank upon robust security features, quick start up and fairly long battery life but then by the time the notebook will be available in the market, other notebooks will look forward to integrate such features within themselves. For Chrome OS to be a success Google needs to enhance its features and functionalities and integrate them properly in the notebook.

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