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Google May Come Out With Chrome OS Equipped Notebook During Q2 Of 2011

by arupchou on March 29, 2011

If rumors are to be believed then users can get their hands on devices equipped with the Chrome OS during the second quarter of 2011 Chrome OSthat is sometimes in June or July. According to unnamed sources search engine giant Google will come up with machines equipped with the Chrome OS most probably in June and the launch of the machines will take place in several countries across the globe.

Working Out Retail Deals With Manufacturers And Suppliers

As per sources, the Mountain View California based company is working retail details with manufacturers and suppliers regarding testing of the OS. The companies are believed to be Samsung, Acer and Asus. Google’s Chrome OS is expected to arrive in two flavors namely – Chrome OS and Chromium OS. While Chrome OS is a closed commercialized version of the OS which will be equipped with particular devices manufactured by manufacturers, Chromium OS is an open-source development version of the Chrome OS through which the OS can be installed in any other machines.

Though pricing of the Chrome notebooks are not yet known, it is expected that prices of Chrome OS machines will be somewhere between $ 250 and $ 600. Google had already given a preview of the OS with its Cr-48 notebook which was distributed among several users to test run the OS.

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