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Google Unveils Chrome OS Powered Laptops

by arupchou on May 13, 2011

Users itching to get their hands on Chrome OS powered devices have a reason to rejoice as search engine giant Google has rolled out a Google Chrome OS Notebookscouple of Chrome OS powered laptops. While one of the laptops is made by Samsung, the other one is made by Acer. The devices were showcased at Google I/O conference and are expected to hit the markets by the middle of next month.

Features Of The Laptops

While the Samsung Chrome OS laptop sports an 11.6 inches screen and offers a battery life of around 6 hours, the Acer Chrome OS laptop displays a 12.1 inches screen offering a battery life of around 8.5 hours. Both the machines are equipped with 3G capabilities and are devoid of hard drive.

In Google’s blog Linus Upson, a Google executive wrote that users will not have to wait minutes for the machines to boot and they can read e-mails in seconds. He further added that users will be able to access apps, photos, music etc from anywhere they like.

The road however, for Chrome OS based laptops will not be easy particularly in a scenario when it has to face competition from tablets. The tablet market is on a rise and it will be an uphill task from Chrome OS laptops to carve a niche for itself.

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1 Adam 05.24.11 at 9:56 am

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