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How To Run Google Chrome OS From USB

by arupchou on January 12, 2011

Running Chrome OS From USB Drive

Within hours of announcement made by search engine Google about the release of the Chrome OS source code, there were thousands of images hovering in the internet about the running of OS on machines. If you wish to try the Chrome OS on your netbook you can get it on a USB stick and then run it on your netbook.

Chrome OS USB

A new build on torrent sites is showing users as to how Chrome OS can be run from a USB drive. Engadget folks successfully test run Chrome OS USBthe ambitious Chrome OS on Dell Vostro A90 notebook and the Chrome OS USB boot was pretty reasonable. Read on to know as to how you can run the OS from an USB drive.

Chrome OS USB Torrent

Notably the USB version of the Chrome OS has been fabricated by Hexxeh. A website has been set up by him which instructs as to how users can get image of Chromium OS on USB drive. First of all users need to get a torrent link on the website of Hexxeh. Apart from it users need to have access to a Torrent client in order to download .tar.gaz version of the image of the Chrome operating system.

Here are certain things we want to make clear to our readers. Since the Chrome OS drivers is still in the early stages of development, some parts of your PC might not respond to it. Absence of Wi-Fi is one of the major problems reported so you may require an Ethernet connection.

To run Chrome OS on your machine with an USB drive, first and foremost you need an USB drive. It is to be noted that the drive is free from any other files present in it as loading the OS from drive will erase all other contents.

Chrome OS USB Installer

Begin Win32DiskImager.exe to unzip chrome_os_usb.zip and once the image writer gets running choose chrome_os.img file. If a warning is displayed while launching the Image Writer, then no need to worry. It means it is searching a floppy disk.

Error Image

Once the image writer starts running, select the folder icon and select chrome_os.img and connect the drive with your machine and click the device dropdown to select drive letter matching the USB drive. As soon as you click write option, disk image will be written on the USB drive.

Image Write Pic

Chrome OS USB Boot

When your machine starts booting the Chrome OS, push the boot menu button and select USB drive and within few second you will see the Chromium OS login screen and on entering your user name and password you can access the OS.

Chrome OS Login Screen

At the same time it is essential to have a machine which allows booting of USB drive instead of hard drive.  It is very much possible that you after going though the instructions about writing bootable disc, you are unable to boot Chrome OS on your machine. In such a scenario you need to change the settings of your machine.

But you need to keep in mind that it means fiddling with BIOS and the command prompt of your machine. At the end you need to download the required files to put the required files to have the Chromium OS on the USB drive.

So download Chrome OS in USB and you can test run it on your machine.

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1 Ed Davison 06.15.11 at 1:59 pm

If I run Google OS from a USB on my netbook will Windows boot up still when the USB drive is removed?

2 Russell 07.25.11 at 4:24 am

Ed, yes Windows will still be there and boot when the USB is removed.

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