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Launch Of Chrome OS Notebooks Round The Corner

by arupchou on December 27, 2010

After creating much buzz during the premier of Chrome OS event where Google gave insights into it’s upcoming Chrome OS, it is Chrome OS Imageexpected that search engine giant Google will launch their Chrome OS notebooks within the next few weeks. Google has already begun shipping of Cr-48 notebooks to test its Chrome OS and aims to redefine web surfing through Chrome OS.

Chrome OS Beyond Notebooks

It is to be noted that Google aims to expand Chrome OS beyond notebooks. The company wants to put the OS into maximum products as they can which includes tablets, laptops, desktops etc. Google has done this with its Android, which is evolving as one of the fastest growing smartphone OS all over the world.

Google expects that its Chrome OS will be able to make a mark for itself as the OS focuses on speeding up computing activities and run the machine on minimum hardware. The Chrome OS could prove to be a tough challenge for traditional software products and operating systems available in the market right now.

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