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New Mac OS X Lion To Challenge Chrome OS

by arupchou on June 14, 2011

While Chrome OS might be the talk of the town, several OS are being developed or launched which may give a tough competition to Chrome OSChrome. Last week technology giant Apple Inc unveiled new Mac OS X Lion which boasts of 250 new features. Several of these features are expected to give Chrome OS a run for its money. Lets us look through some of these features which might give Chrome OS some jittery moments.

Features In New Mac OS X Lion

Some of the exquisite features of Mac OS X Lion are

Support For Multi-touch Gestures: The new Mac OS X Lion now supports gestures like pinch, zoom etc which till date was available in iOS. Moreover the scroll bar disappears when it is not used and when users want to scroll it appears back.

Access to iCloud: The users of the new Mac OS X Lion will now get access to iCloud. Till date, Chrome was the only operating system available in the market  where data can be stored in cloud. Now Mac users can automatically generate a back up of their data on Apple’s cloud service.

Safari Mode Restart: This feature was offered by Chrome OS till date. With the help of these features users could get access to the sandboxed version of the Safari browser directly from the lock screen. It also ensures that users do not need to worry about the safety of personal files.

So Chrome OS not only faces challenge from established player such as Microsoft Windows but also from emerging operating systems. Recently Mozilla Labs showcased a new software dubbed as Webian Shell, which is also looked after as a competitor to Chrome.

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