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No Further Applications For Cr-48 Notebooks Entertained By Google

by arupchou on March 12, 2011

Search engine giant Google has stopped shipping of Cr-48 notebooks and will wait until later this year to ship out devices equipped Cr-48 Notebookwith the Chrome OS along with its partners. Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Management at Google tweeted on March 8 that the company has shipped all the Cr-48 notebooks and will partner devices which will be out by mid-year.

Great Response To Cr-48 Pilot Program

A Google spokeswoman said that the company has received great response to the Pilot program and the interest it had generated has surpassed Google’s expectations. As of now, the company is not accepting any new applications for shipping of the Cr-48 notebooks.

The Cr-48 notebook was unveiled by Google during the Chrome OS event last year to test run its Chrome OS. Google had distributed Cr-48 devices to various individuals and in high schools in order to get the response about their upcoming Chrome OS.

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