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Pichai Gives Insights Into Development Of Chrome And Chrome OS

by arupchou on June 7, 2011

During his visit to Taiwan during Computex 2011, Google’s senior VP of Chrome Sundar Pichai said that Google will not equip tablets or Chrome OS Notebookhandsets with its Chrome OS. Neither the search engine giant will scale Android to Chromebooks. Pichai discussed the developments surrounding Chrome and Chrome OS. Speaking to the press, Pichai said that he is the company is very much excited about the progress and said that in many countries, Chrome is approaching 20% market share.

Continuing To Make Chrome Faster

Pichai further added that the company is continuing its endeavors to make Chrome faster and said that Google will be looking forward to offload performance to graphics chips (GPUs) in laptops and tablets. Pichai also justified the punch line of the Chrome OS “nothing but web” as something with which customers can easily identify themselves.

Pichai also said that with built-in 3G options and highly attractive data plans from Verizon Wireless, users will get the feel of always being connected to the net. Google has also spend a considerable amount of time in ensuring that Chrome OS devices are secure and the search engine giant is also working closely with Citrix and VMWare which will allow users to purchase Chromebooks as a service model. Acer and Samsung continue to be the hardware partner while Intel is the chipset partner for Chromebooks.

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