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Security Experts Demonstrates Hacking Chrome Via Scratchpad Extension

by arupchou on July 15, 2011

While a number of questions have been raised regarding the security of the Chrome OS, a security researcher demonstrated a preview as Chrome Hackedto how an extension can be exploited to hack Chrome. The extension known as ScratchPad offers diverse range of permission which makes the Chrome vulnerable to attack. Matt Johansen, a security expert at WhiteHat Security that in the upcoming BlackHat security conference he will demonstrating as to how browser extension can be exploited to hack Chrome. Johansen first performed the work on Google’s Cr-48 laptop, but he said that the extension can effect any device running on the Chrome OS.

Loophole In The Extension

Johansen said that Scratchpad extension allows users to take notes and auto-sync note files with Google Docs in “ScratchPad” folder and a “quote-unquote” feature of the  extension allowed users to share ScratchPad folders without asking for permissions from users. In the demonstration, Johansen showed that a person shared a malicious note which was accessible through the scratchpad extension. When the note was opened it stole all the contacts saved in Gmail.

Johansen said that for Chrome OS most the attacks will come via extensions. Extensions can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. Like applications for cell phones, extension too requires permission to gain access to various features and capabilities.

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