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Source Code Reveals Google’s Working On Tablets Equipped With Chrome OS

by arupchou on April 8, 2011

After the Chrome OS event held last year in December, the cloud based operating system from Google has generated much Chrome OS Tabletenthusiasm. Several vendors are reportedly working of devices packed with the Chrome OS. Now details found in Google’s source code reveals that the programmers of the company have started to work on a tablet version of the Chrome OS. It is to be noted that Google had earlier said that it has plans to expand Chrome OS just beyond notebooks. In a statement, the search engine giant has said that though they at this point of time they have nothing new to announce.

Tablets Not First In Priority List

Notably tablets equipped with the Chrome OS have not been first in the priority list of Google. Though it is expected that different vendors will be coming out with different devices equipped with the Chrome OS, but for the initial release of the OS, Google is targeting notebooks. To test run its Chrome OS, Google had shipped Cr-48 notebooks to various users.

One must also keep in mind that Google’s Android tablet version Honeycomb is arriving in the market with products like Motorola Xoom. Android tablets are expected to take on Apple’s iPad and if at this juncture tablets equipped with the Chrome OS is released then it might very well turn out to be competitor of devices equipped with Honeycomb.

Several changes in Chrome and Chrome OS source code which arrived in March and April reveals tablet work undertaken by Google. Chrome OS equipped notebooks are expected to be shipped in the second quarter of 2011 and hence at this moment it will be interesting to see the development in coming months.

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