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Success Of Cloud Largely Dependent On Chrome OS

by arupchou on December 21, 2010

Though it will be too early to comment that web based OS is the future, it is a fact that consumers are being attracted towards cloud. According to an Ovum report released on Monday, the success of cloud addressing the needs of users largely rests upon Chrome OS developed by Google.

Chrome OS ImageAccording to a major analyst at Ovum, Tony Cripps, Chrome OS platform is different from traditional OS since several of its features focuses on the access of net based applications thereby offering benefits to users and application developers’.

Benefits Of Chrome OS

A significant advantage among several benefits of Chrome OS is the low cost of machines running Chrome OS. Since Chrome OS is an open source platform which requires no licensing fees, it will drastically reduce prices of PCs running on it. OS costs nearly one fifth of the total cost of a PC, and with PCs equipped with Chrome OS needs lesser need of hardware and licensed installed applications.

User friendliness is another vital aspect of the OS. It is to be noted that Chrome Web Browser is the only platform of the OS and therefore apps developers only need web technologies to satisfy the requirements of users and Chrome OS devices.

If the aforementioned benefits are exploited to their full potential then undoubtedly, the popularity of cloud will touch new heights. But the path of success for Chrome OS will not be that easy considering the fact that the OS market still trusts Windows and Mac.

On the other hand if Chrome OS fails to deliver as per expectations of the users, then cloud will have to wait for some time before making inroads in the highly competitive web market. So expect the coming days to be pretty eventful with the launch of Chrome OS  round the corner.

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