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Video of Chromium OS Running on Tablets Surfaces

by arupchou on August 9, 2011

In one of our earlier articles, we had said that Google has no plans to make its Chrome Operating system available to tablets. At that Chrome OS For Tablettime Google had said that Chrome OS is primarily focused for notebooks. There were obvious reasons for it. With tablets running on Google’s own Android system, launching Chrome OS tablets would have posed a challenge for Android running tablets. With Android running tablets are highly popular in the market, Google did not intend to disturb it.

But if a video by Francois Beaufort is to be believed then it seems that Google’s Chrome team is working on a version of its Chromium OS intended for tablets. The duration of the video is 1 minute which shows the interface of the OS.

Features Of Chrome OS For Tablets

From the video available we could make out about some of the features of Chrome OS intended for tablets. The most striking feature is the presence of large icons which facilitates tapping with fingers. This is very important considering the fact that tablet is meant to work without the help of mouse pointer. There is a virtual keypad on the screen whose design looks very much similar to the ones found in Chromebooks.

There is also an instant URL suggestion option which runs horizontally. The user interface however, looks a bit rusty but then we expect the things to be better once the tablet is out in finished version.

We would like to know from our users their take on Chrome OS for tablets. Do you all think that the growing tablet market across the globe has prompted Chrome team to work on the tablet version of Chrome? Do you think this tablet will compete with Android tablets in the market? Do let us know your opinion on this development of Google through your comments.

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