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Webian Shell To Compete With Chrome OS

by arupchou on July 16, 2011

While Chrome expects to give tough competition to established operating systems in the market, it can face a new challenge from a new Chrome OScompetitor. Webian Shell, a new OS is being developed by Mozilla and just like Chrome, the operating interface is centered around the browser. Like Chrome OS, Webian Shell is equipped with a stripped-down interface which shows applications and websites.

Picture About Webian Shell Still Not Clear

However, what will Webian Shell ultimately become it is pretty hard to tell from the prototype. This is the early version of Webian Shell and at present it lacks several features which are there in an operating system. In fact it does not even have the capabilities of standard browsers like Mozilla Firefox. The prototype of the browser shows that Webian Shell to be essentially a browser window which has a thin black bar at the bottom and at the top of the screen.

Webian Shell is being devised on standards and technologies such as JavaScript, CSS etc. It is expected that in coming days, the browser will incorporate several home screen, hardware controls and several other features.

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1 muhammadshakir 07.17.11 at 11:04 am

my chrome is crashed

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