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Windows OS To Face Tough Challenge From Chrome OS In 2011

by arupchou on January 4, 2011

Microsoft, which till date has dominated the operating system (OS) market can expect tough challenge in 2011 from Google’s ambitious Google Chrome OS ImageChrome OS. Experts believe that millions of users worldwide will switch from Windows OS to Chrome OS which not only seeks to make operations fast but bring down costs of machines equipped with the OS.

According to a Smarthouse report introduction of Chrome OS might force Microsoft to make its OS for free to support sales of its products like MS Office.

Decline in Market Share Of Internet Explorer

The bygone year also saw decline in Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer (IE) and the rise of Google’s Chrome Browser. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS has also been finding it hard to sustain in the mobile OS market amidst rising popularity of Android OS by Google.

However, there is still some time before the Chrome OS finally hits the market and starts penetrating into the territory which has been dominated by Microsoft for a long period of time. Moreover, the concept of carrying operations on the cloud is yet to make deep inroads in the mind of people. Therefore, Chrome OS has a long way to travel before it can topple Microsoft. According to IDC, share of Windows OS in the netbook segment is expected to remain robust till 2014.

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01.05.11 at 9:58 am


1 Skippy 01.04.11 at 5:16 am

Very interesting article ARUPCHOU.
It interested me enough to go and check out the Chrome OS preview at Chrome OS.
While it really sounds brilliant, it will most likely only be viable in technologically advanced first-world countries where bandwidth and cap is not a problem. Here in South Africa however, it will probably be close to 2020 before we have sufficient infrastructure to support a web-based operating system. Here we pay about $30 US for 500MB data, at a maximum speed of about 200kbp/s

2 Saif Hassan 01.04.11 at 11:57 pm

Lets see what’s planning Google to defeat Microsoft!

3 Badai 01.09.11 at 10:30 am

Just 1 thing to keep in mind by google IF they really wanna kick microsoft out of this business…that is prep all the infrastructure for all program and hardware developer to move…not just giving the code to let those developer create by them self but also support them. If talking bout free OS there already linux ubuntu, mandrake, radhat and etc which I quite familiar and I believe people also more common with it too and the support much more larger than Chrome OS so far (this my opinion through my observation) but still why they can’t beat windows…well just to install hardware driver you need to type many command in a blank screen (just my word to say the command line interface :P) or they won’t work well and they are often need other program (dependencies) its lame 🙁 more people like just to download then click click its done 🙂 I have see linux have try get into it btu still need many patch since some is can’t run well so I just hope that day really come soon…think of it, the day where we can run most apps and games we like in OS which is FREE and as easy as click to update the hardware drivers and the programs.

4 Chung Tang 04.07.11 at 8:01 pm

Really interesting post – I’m actually in the process of looking to put Window 7 on my computer. I’m thinking that I should wait till the Chrome OS comes out. If the Chrome browser is so sweet and fast..I bet the Chrome OS will be too.

Any suggestions – send me an email


5 Commie 06.18.11 at 11:52 am

ugh, googles way of marketing looks just like this: “we have so big penis, it has lines ALL the way to its tip. others have SOO small penis, our penis BIGGEST.” oh, may i correct, i was supposed to write “chrome”.

just look at the “lower” total cost of use. they, as capitalists.. of COURSE exaggerate the opposite, that.. like if you needed every dhamn gadget, expensive os, paid unnecessary maintenance, everything you can find. just to have a pc. i wonder, is it microsoft who will next come ego with it’s big penis? “i have a BIGGER than you!” … will it EVER end?

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